Friday, April 22, 2011

Free Art Friday - Good Friday 2011

If you have been following over the past few weeks you will know that I have been working on a Good Friday poem, one stanza a week.  Here it is with the final stanza.  I have also put it to music and with help from my wife Kim on vocals, and my ten year old son Liam on drums, we recorded a quick demo of it this morning.

'Tis truth you suffer'd in my place.
Through fists and spit upon your face,
And mocking voices to disgrace,
You loved me; You loved Adam's race
Yes, this is grace,
Yes, this is grace.
'Tis truth you suffer'd there for me,
And hung instead upon the tree
That was my due, and there to bleed
The crimson flow that washes clean.
Yes, this is grace
Yes, this is grace.
'Tis truth you suffer'd in my stead,
The wrath of God and all its dread,
Body hanging, pierced and dead,
I'm ransomed by the blood you shed
Yes, this is grace
Yes, this is grace. 
'Tis truth you suffer'd their forlorn,
Became my sin and faced the scorn,
That I might live, and be reborn,
Now with Your righteosness adorned.
Yes, this is grace 
Yes, this is grace


  1. So much talent in one family - guess you got our share. :) Sylvia

  2. Beautiful song and so much talent! The only thing I would worry about is the line "loved Adams race".. it is implying a singular race of Christianity and may actually isolate diverse communities. Other than that great job!

  3. Beautiful voices delivering a timeless message